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Serve the food dry. When you feed your cat Nature’s Protection for the first time, gradually introduce it in its diet over a period of 3 days. Your cat may eat more eat more or less depending on age and temperament. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. Store in a cool, dry place.

Give Your Pet the Nature’s Protection Diet

  • Top quality ingredients
  • Fully balanced
  • Protects the best
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Life at its Best
The Nature’s Protection brand aims to celebrate life! We celebrate both the pet’s and the pet owner’s life. That is why our Mission Statement revolves around the human-animal bond. That is also why the true needs of dogs and cats come first for us. Because only when feeding cats the way nature intended, we can expect a healthy longevity for our four footed companions.

Feeding a cat as a carnivore does not mean that they should be fed meat only. It means that the protein sources, delivering the essential Amino Acids for their own metabolism and maintenance of the body, should be from meat and not from cereal origin (such as for instance soy). Therefore you will always find a meat based protein source in all Nature’s Protection diets. This is just one example of how our nutritional philosophy is totally adapted to the true and natural nutritional needs of cats.

List of Nature’s Protection Cat food available in our shop:

  • Indoor 1+ Year 400g
  • Persian Long Haired Cats 400g
  • year 400g
  • Indoor 1+ Year 2kg
  • Persian Long Haired Cats 2kg
  • year 2kg

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